Promoting creative writing for young writers through classes, grants, scholarships and workshops.
Become a Rebel with the word, inspire the world.

Whitney van Praagh, www.whitcards.com

Students - Engage!

Submit your creative writing for poetry and essay contests as well as scholarship applications. Take part in creative writing classes and workshops with published authors and professional writers.

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Whitney van Praagh, www.whitcards.com

Parents - Enhance!

Learn about the creative writing programs, scholarships, awards and how to engage to enhance your child's creative writing.

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Butterfly by Whitney Van Praagh, http://whitcards.com

Teachers - Educate!

Educate young creative writers in workshops, classes and for poetry and essay contests. Promote scholarships to further young writers one word at a time.

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"Now and then she delivers a pulse of pure energy, full lucidity.
And she is in power once more."
Maija Golden